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Signpost ahead, you are entering the Edge of Twilight. Athyr Above is the new installment in the EoT series.

What is it?

Edge of Twilight – Athyr Above is a post apocalyptic, steam punk adventure game which sends your character (Lex) on yet another mission. As you navigate the path before you, stay alert for the distinctive sound of approaching danger.

Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above

Actually, there is a sound effect accompanying the arrival of adversaries of various types, so you aren’t completely blind-sided. Survival is, of course, the first order of business. If you die attempting to clear a level, the game will offer you a respawn option for a small fee of “ether”.

How does it work?

The visuals of this game are excellent, and the sounds (effects and music) fit the scene very well. The control interface comes in two flavors: v-pad with some translucent buttons in the bottom corners, or touch. Using the touch option, Lex will run to the area of the screen on which you have placed your finger. If you tap a second finger on the screen Lex will jump in that direction. You’ll want to carefully consider the v-pad vs touch option. With the touch option, your finger will always be in the way of where you are sending Lex, and you have to tap an opponent to select it for combat. With the v-pad, your thumbs stay in the corners and, when you press the attack button, Lex starts swinging and will hit whatever is in front of him. The twist is with the touch setting, once you have selected an opponent (a geared ring will appear around the target) Lex will engage that opponent and stay with it as long as your finger is swiping the screen. With the v-pad, if an enemy is not in front of you when you start swinging you’ll be making a lot of contact with air.

Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above

There are plenty of instructions in the game, which is a good thing because the game elements are a bit involved and there are plenty of them. There are even two modes within the game: day and night. The nifty thing is you can change between night and day by tapping a shrine. Each mode provides Lex with a unique set of abilities.

Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above

Is it contagious?

Edge of Twilight – Athyr Above comes with a $2.99 price tag, but if you’re into the adventure game genre, it’s more than worth the investment. As noted, the graphics are great, the sounds are cool, and the game play is engaging. There are plenty of levels to navigate, and the instructions are thorough. The only minor drawback is with either control method (touch or v-pad) you may have a thumb covering what you need to see.

All things considered, this is a very good addition to your game catalog.

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Seller: Fuzzyeyes Entertainment
Cost: $2.99
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  • Johnny

    Great graphics! Must buy!