Appidemic: Hoppetee! for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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The name of the game is Hoppetee! I’m not sure about that exclamation point, but I’ll try not to make any hop-to-it puns (I promise!).

What is it?

In Hoppetee!, your little green bug hero has just figured out how to balance on a ball and roll across the ground.


He likes it so much he wants to keep going day and night. To keep going at night, he needs to collect some fireflies so he can see where he’s going. Make sure you keep collecting fireflies as you go along, because they don’t glow forever; when you run out of light in the night, you’re done (unless, of course, you want to spend a few notes on an extension).


By the way, in this game you are collecting musical notes as a means of keeping score and for commerce.

How does it work?

The looks are cartoonish and, dare I say, cute. The soundtrack is pleasant, and the game play is relatively easy. The trick is to manage your jump timing so you can keep collecting fireflies for the night shift. To jump, touch the screen before your jump point; when you lift your finger, your little green friend will jump. If you jump from a mushroom you get some serious hang time.

The notes collected in the game may be used to buy special plants which provide different abilities when you encounter them in the game.


Is it contagious?

Hoppetee! is only $0.99 and is a good for everyone to while away some time, including your younger iKids. The game play and the theme are pretty straight forward, almost to the point of being a bit minimalist, but it is still entertaining. It may not be the next blockbuster but it is good, inexpensive entertainment.

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Seller: Birgit Stock
Cost: $0.99
Download: Hoppetee!

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