Free Apps Roundup for July 5, 2013

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mzl.wraspmav.480x480-75This week on the Free Apps Roundup: If you’re still trying to figure out how to replace the wonderful Google Reader RSS aggregator, I have two apps that might just help you out. If RSS readers aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty more apps to download this week to keep you entertained—like Disney’s The Lone Ranger and more.

The Top Three Free Apps:

  • Reeder – That’s right, I’m recommending Reeder in the top three free apps again this week. It’s still free, but there’s been an update. In addition to all of the services that Reeder used to support for RSS aggregation, Reeder now supports Feedly. Feedly has been a popular choice for those displaced by the shut down of Google Reader. It’s free, and it has most of the same features. That said, I think this app does a much nicer job of allowing you to read your RSS feeds than the official Feedly app.
  • Digg – Another popular choice for those of us still mourning the death of Google Reader is Digg Reader. Like Feedly, they have both a web service and an iOS app. If you’re still looking for a new RSS aggregation service, this should be on your list of things to try.
  • The Lone Ranger – Become a legend of justice in the new role-playing game inspired by The Lone Ranger movie. You’ll be protecting the town of Colby as you face-off in epic showdowns with infamous outlaws. Bring them to justice as you fight against greed and corruption. Is it true that you can’t be killed in battle?

Free Apps for a Limited Time:

  • HABU – Let this app create playlists on the fly based on your mood.
  • Videon – is an okay app for taking pictures and video, but this app can do a whole lot more. It has an intuitive zoom wheel, choice of resolutions, adjustable frame rate, video stabilization, pause recording, video + photo, separate focus and exposure points, lock focus/exposure, and more.
  • Tipulator – Have a hard time doing simple math in your head? Don’t we all. This app will help you figure out an appropriate amount to tip. It’ll even help you split a bill accurately.
  • Tapatalk – Stay connected with your favorite internet forums using this app. It formats forums so they are easy to use on your iOS device.
  • Zip Tool – This app will zip and unzip your file in the usual formats: ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP. It compliments other apps, like Email, quite nicely.
  • Manage: Handwriting task manager – Don’t type your tasks, hand write them and get more done. This app is a to-do list manager that wants you to hand write everything, if you can remember what it’s like to not use a keyboard.
  • Typesetter – Easily add incredible text to your photos. Type whatever you want and this app will help you make it look like the text belonged there to begin with.
  • Expedition Mars – 2020. Smoke burns your lungs. You are the only surviving crew member and your spaceship is damaged beyond repair. You’ll need to singlehandedly make an emergency landing on Mars. But are you the first to land there?
  • Real Steel – Champions aren’t born. They’re made. Based on the movie of the same name, this game reminds me a little of rock ’em sock ’em robots…
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