Appidemic: Sewer Escape for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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Following the footsteps of Doodle Jump, Sonic Jump and others, Sewer Escape is a vertical leaper game featuring a cutesy character in the form of a hamster. The hamster must make its way to the top to escape from the laboratory of a mad scientist.

sewer escape screen 1

It’s a pretty simple but good game you can play to while away time.

What is it?

Your objective in Sewer Escape is to propel your character upwards. Failure to do so will send him downwards and bring the game to an end. Sewer Escape will test your finger dexterity, your presence of mind, and your sense of timing.

Along the way you’ll encounter obstacles which you must obviously avoid to prevent the hamster from going down. You must also collect coins which you can use for upgrades. There are also other items to collect which you can use to add some flare to the way your character springs forward.

sewer escape screen 2

The game has 5 different play zones, 13 funny characters, 5 extreme power-ups, 40 trophies to collect, and other bonus items.

How does it work?

To propel the hamster upwards and keep him sort of floating in the air, all you need to do is tap him. Failure to tap him at the right time will make him fall down until such time that he’s off-screen.

sewer escape screen 3

To collect the coins and other items, you also tap on them. Hence, the game becomes a bit exciting and challenging in the sense that you’ll be tapping on two things at once most of the time.

Is it contagious?

I have to admit I wasn’t really expecting too much from this kind of game. The task required is repetitive, and I tend to get easily bored, but the game can become pretty addictive. If you’re looking for a light, fun and enjoyable game, Sewer Escape is good option.

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