Review: The Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro redefines elegance

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Have you ever considered the potential of blending Dutch craftsmanship with laptop sleeves? No? Then prepare to consider the distinctiveness that is the Originals Collection by Mujjo. In anticipation of summer, the folks at Mujjo (a Dutch designer label for mobile accessories) launched a white collection of their sleeves. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of fashion and functionality, look no further than Mujjo.

Mujjo White Macbook Pro Sleeve

Mujjo White Macbook Pro Sleeve

Better With Leather

For my review, I took a look at the white 13″ Macbook Pro Sleeve from the Originals Collection, and let me tell you, the softness of the Macbook sleeve quickly replaced my teddy bear (sorry Mr. Snuggles 5.0). It could probably even double as a travel pillow, but that’s for the folks at Mujjo to decide. The sleeve is made from 100% wool and high quality leather. This might seem like an unlikely duo but trust me, it works. Your phone/tablet/laptop will be snug as a bug in a rug thanks to the wool encasing. But this isn’t just your grandmother’s itchy holiday sweater we’re talking about. It’s got leather! That’s why I’ve nicknamed mine Marlon Brando. (What? You don’t name your accessories?)

Built to Last

The sleeve is also practical thanks to the pocket storage compartments on the inside of the sleeve. No more showing up to the library to do homework only to wonder what you did with your charger; you can thank Mujjo for your 4.0 GPA this coming semester, which you also will earn in style. Your device will also be secure thanks to the snap enclosures on the right and left. The sleeve is water-repellant, too, although I don’t suggest taking it on the Slippery Water Slide of Doom anytime soon.

And did I mention that these sleeves are handmade?

The Mujjo Sleeves are Handmade

The Mujjo Sleeves are Handmade

In addition to the Macbook Pro, the Mujjo Sleeve is also available for the iPhone, iPad, and 13″ Macbook Air.

The Details:

  • Vegetable-Tanned Leather
  • 3 MM 100% Wool Felt
  • Anti-Peeling Treatment
  • Water-Repellent
  • Smart Storage Compartment
  • 362MM X 270 MM X 20MM

My Verdict

Though this might be a little costly, it’s totally worth it. In the words of Parks and Recreation’s Tom and Donna, “Treat yo self!” After all, Donna did say, “… fine leather goods.”

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Buy the Mujjo MacBook Pro 13″ Sleeve White

Provides: Protection and some storage for 13″ MacBook Pro
Developer: Mujjo
Minimum Requirements: 13″ MacBook Pro (also available for the iPhone, iPad, and 13″ Macbook Air)
Price: $76.69
Availability: Now

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