Apple seeds iOS 7 beta 3 to developers with a series of enhancements and bug fixes

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iOS 7 beta 2

On Monday, Apple seeded the third beta of iOS 7 to developers with a build number of 11A4414e. So far, it seems this beta has brought the most changes to iOS 7, with a multitude of different enhancements and bug fixes.

Testing the third beta, I feel it is significantly more stable than beta 2. Apps aren’t crashing nearly as much as before and are opening much more smoothly. While I’ve been using the betas, I constantly remind myself that my iPhone 4S is running an A5 chip and expect the OS to operate as such. This is a good way to gauge just how efficient the betas are as Apple releases them and a great way to compare how iOS 7 runs on different devices.

As mentioned before, Apple has added a variety of enhancements and bug fixes. For example, they’ve now fixed the glitch that did not allow for the time to be viewed in the lock-screen when the Music app was playing. Apple has also added several design changes in the UI, including a thicker font in Messages, and new icons and controls in the Music app. The blue “loading” stripe also appears to be thicker than before, as well as a larger font for the Status Bar. Prior to beta 3, it was too small to view and sometimes it would fade into darker backgrounds.

Siri’s voice now sounds more natural, and it can finally remember a user’s name after asking him or her how to pronounce it. In beta 2, after users corrected their names, Siri wouldn’t save them and would revert back to its own pronunciations.

When Apple mentioned it was completely redesigning iOS 7 from the ground up but retaining the familiarity, it wasn’t kidding. They’ve even redesigned the new download animations for applications, doing away with the progress bar for a more circular and clock-like progress icon.

The third beta of iOS 7 is one of the more stable updates, and gives developers a glimpse of what they can expect after they update their apps and the OS goes public this fall. Apple will most likely make more UI changes, as there are likely 3-4 more betas before the GM seed. iOS 7 beta 3 is now available as OTA update via Settings or via the iOS Dev Center where the actual beta 3 file is posted. Apple is expected to release iOS 7 later this fall, likely in September and alongside a new rumored iPhone 5S.

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  • Victoria Mudaraya

    Our developers are already using new iOS, and the enchancements seem to be really useful. Actually can’t wait for the iOS 7 fully released! Taking into account bug fixied, think it will be soon