Kickstarter Find: bēm wireless Kickstand Projector

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What’s a Kickstand?

The Kickstand is a projector that travels, and one that aims to do so without sacrificing image quality the way many pico projectors do. Offering 720p HD video output and a built-in handle all in a briefcase-sized package, the Kickstand would make a perfect companion to a business traveler with a Macbook Air who wants to wow with a Keynote presentation in the boardroom, then relax with a movie in the hotel room later.


It can output an image as small as nine inches diagonally (and anybody who’s been crammed into a tiny conference room knows that’s often all the space you have to work with), or it can scale up to a 90 inch image if you’ve got the space for it.

The Specs

The Kickstand’s design looks like a hybrid of the iPhone 4/4S and an Apple TV. It features a rounded black plastic surface encased in an outer aluminum frame (there are even black bands separating different sections of the outer frame); the frame folds open into an A-frame position to let you stabilize the Kickstand on a flat surface. When not in use, the frame snaps shut and the projector itself pivots down flush into the frame, with the remote control snapping into place over the lens to act as a protective cover during transport.


The output of the Kickstand projector is designed to be better than its cheaper LCD counterparts thanks to its use of LED Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, which allows it to project an image that’s brighter and sharper. Four inputs out back let you get power and a video signal to the projector, including AC power in, HDMI in, USB, and an auxiliary audio out jack. Hooking up an iDevice or MacBook will require a dongle, but Apple offers HDMI out from all its devices nowadays so hooking up shouldn’t be an issue.

The Funding

Like all Kickstarter projects, bēm’s Kickstand needs your help to reach production. The company is seeking an ambitious $100,000 in backing, of which only about $10,000 has been pledged at press time. With 11 days to go, the product needs another $90,000 to reach its target, and there are a number of pledge gifts to choose from at various backing levels:

  • $50/$100: Although you won’t get the Kickstand, you can at least nab one or two of the company’s mobile speakers at a $20 discount.
  • $750: The first pledge level that gets you one of the Kickstand projectors, this early bird pricing is $40 less than the suggested retail. A recent update to the project opened up international shipping, so you can grab a Kickstand even outside the US.
  • $5,000: Pack your projector, you’re heading for CES 2014 in Las Vegas! The Kickstand is scheduled to ship to you in August 2013, but you’ll also receive roundtrip airfare and accommodations for the show in January 2014.


Check out the Kickstand’s Kickstarter page for more details; it’s a bit lengthy, so just check out the intro video if you’re pressed for time.

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