Former Apple iAd Manager moves to Tapad

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Peter Krasniqi, formerly part of Apple’s iAd group where he was a sales manager, has joined multi-screen ad targeting firm Tapad.

Tapad’s audience-targeting technology aims to provide advertisers a way to focus the delivery of their ads to consumers who are most likely to engage with the marketing message, providing a more efficient use of advertising dollars (so your company doesn’t waste money selling infant formula to single bachelors in their twenties, for example). The company’s technology helps deliver more coherent advertisements across multiple devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. This can be an especially tricky task, as many desktop browser ads still rely on Flash, which has been largely banished from the mobile world. More cohesive advertisement leads to better sales opportunities as companies can target ads  to consumers who are more interested in the  products/services being sold and therefore more likely to buy.

Krasniqi joined Apple via their acquisition of mobile ad firm Quattro Wireless in 2010, where he was a director of performance ad sales. While at Apple, Kransiqi was best known for launching the iAd for Developers program, which provides tools, resources, and guidance for iOS developers looking to generate revenue via ad sales. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, this move returns Krasniqi to his hometown, since Tapad is based in New York City.


Check out full details of Tapad’s services at their website.

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