X-Doria Shield iPhone 5 case review

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X-Doria Shield Case

What we’re learning is that “slim fitting” is relative. X-Doria describes their Shield case for iPhone 5 this way, but compared to what? A silicon or plastic case? No. Your standard full-protection case. Probably, and that’s a fairer comparison, as the X-Doria Shield offers complete protection for your iPhone 5, repelling pretty much everything aside from molten lava and (perhaps more likely) water.

X-Doria Shield CaseThe Shield for iPhone 5 comes with three main pieces. First, you’ve got your clear plastic shield that snaps overs your iPhone’s screen (yes, you can use the touschreen when the shield is in place). You then slide your phone-plus-shield into a silicon sleeve. Around this, you snap a hard plastic frame over the back. Press the home button to lock the silicon into the plastic screen protector, and you’re all set. I’ll point out now that the whole setup is quite easy to apply and remove, if not cumbersome; you don’t want to use this case if you constantly need to dock your iPhone on a third-party device or just use it naked, but you won’t be need any special tools, either.

When in the case, every port of your iPhone is protected in some way. The Lightning port, headphone jack and mute switch are all covered with silicon flaps that lock shut under the plastic frame, but are easy to pull back when necessary. The on/off and volume buttons are completely covered, with raised areas of the silicon for easy access. The camera is covered with a clear piece of plastic glued into the back frame. In other words, your iPhone is safe from drops, scratches, scuffs, and pretty much any other common accident you should have.

X-Doria Shield CaseTo achieve this degree of protection, you will need to sacrifice functionality. You’ll be able to dock with nothing but the Lightning cable, and the bottom speaker and mic are somewhat obscured.

Perhaps the greatest feature of the X-Doria shield is that it provides full protection without looking like that’s its purpose. It’s not exceptionally bulky. It’s not the kind of case that normally accompanies a fellow in a hardhat to wherever such fellows go. It’s certainly capable of that, but the color schemes and relatively slim designs mean it’ll look just as natural being pulled out of a jacket pocket or handbag.

If you’ve seen one too many shattered iPhone screens for your comfort, the X-Doria Shield is the type of case that will put your mind at ease. It offers complete protection without constantly reminding you of protection, and that’s never been easy for iPhone case developers to pull off.

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X-Doria Shield iPhone case review

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Provides: Complete shock and impact protection
Developer: X-Doria
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $39.99
Availability: Now

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