Apple to integrate IGZO displays into iOS and Mac products?

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Apple is rumored to be moving away from the current LED-backlit LCD displays that it currently uses in all of its current iOS and Mac products. According to a report from Korea’s IT News, Apple is looking to adopt IGZO displays for all future iOS devices and Macs, and the company may be making this shift as early as next year.

This news comes after reports that Sharp is ramping up production of IGZO displays, and LG is changing gears to begin producing the high quality displays. This means Apple will likely strike deals with LG or Sharp to produce the displays for its products. IGZO displays are becoming increasingly popular in consumer electronics because it is able to pack in more pixels per inch, which calls for a sharper screen.

At the same time, the displays have lower power consumption and are able to reduce impact on battery life. There are also other upsides for switching to IGZO displays, including a more accurate touch panel and a thinner display altogether. As Apple’s iOS devices and Macs grow thinner with each new refresh and begin to pack in more features, it is becoming necessary to consider a switch towards better display technology.

IGZO seems to be the right move for Apple, although it is unclear exactly when the company will begin the integration of the new technology. Perhaps Apple will start off small with the new iPod touch or low-cost iPhone later this year to test it, and then work its way up some of the iPhone 5S or the Macbook Pro.

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