Kickstarter Find: Ziphius Aquatic Drone

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We Got No Troubles, Life is the Bubbles!

Drones were meant to fly, right? Wrong. The Ziphius (zee-fee-yuss) is a remote controlled aquatic drone that floats on the water, where it can interact with you (apparently it plays fetch), take pictures, shoot video, or even tow you on an inner tube (no joke, check out the 3:13 mark of the intro video).


The Ziphius is app-controlled, so you can pilot it along with your friends as they surf  or goof off in the pool for some great perspective photos/video. The camera pivots 160º to get shots either above or below the water line, so even though the little guy floats, you can still take videos under the water. The app provides you control of the dual turbines that propel the Ziphius via a WiFi connection, so you can explore over longer distances. Ziphius even looks small enough to take with you most anywhere, so if you’re out kayaking or canoeing you can send Ziphius into all sorts of places to explore where your boat might not fit.

Ziphius is a black plastic roly poly shape when naked, and you add outfits to complete it.


These come in different colors, but more importantly can also be molded to a variety of shapes, so you could have one outfit that turns Ziphius into an in-pool bartender, while another might include a solar panel to extend your battery life, which is one hour with the built-in rechargeable battery.

Now Accepting Pirate Doubloons

Okay, not really, but the team behind Ziphius—Azorean Aquatic Technologies—does have a pretty ambitious funding goal. They’re looking to raise $125,000, and they’re off to a pretty good start with a little over $61,000 already pledged. The funding period ends on July 24th, and if you back this project you can choose from a variety of cool gifts. (More importantly, you can educate yourself on what a yodakillion is. And no, it’s nothing to do with the wise old Jedi).


Most gifts ship in March 2014, so you have ample time to plan summer scuba diving, beach trips, or poolside shenanigans with your Ziphius.

  • $99 gets you a DIY Ziphius (actually it gets you a set of Ziphius guts, which you can build into your own drone). The kit contains a controller board, Raspberry Pi computer, servo-mounted camera, and turbine motors.
  • $199 gets you a black-clad Ziphius with a 4 GB SD card for storing photos or videos, but without the color-changing expressive LED light.
  • $435 gets you a yellow-clad Ziphius with 32 GB of onboard storage, a black outfit for more formal occasions, and “Thanks a Yodakillion”from the Ziphius team.

Obviously the Ziphius Kickstarter page is the best place to get info, but you should also check out the Ziphius product page or the Ziphius blog.

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