Edifier Bric Connect Bluetooth speaker review

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Bric Connect

The Bric Connect, the all-wireless successor to Edifier’s Bric BT (which was well received here at AppleTell), answers one of the issues raised in our earlier review; what’s a Lightning device to do? Rather than relying on a wired dock connection, the Bric Connect instead favors Bluetooth for all your streaming needs, and adds a couple new features to the original Bric.

The Basics

The basic setup is largely unchanged from the Bric BT, and overall, that’s a good thing. Edifier has done an excellent job of packing in just the right amount of technology without getting too complicated, so your controls consist of three buttons on the device and a six button remote control. While the iPhone/iPod dock interface has been removed, Edifier has added speakerphone capability, so the Bric Connect includes a microphone as well as a button that let you answer/end a call (one on the speaker and one on the remote as well). Speakerphone audio is clear and the mic has acceptable pickup, so if you have this on a desk or kitchen counter, you can still move around a bit without worry.

Bric Connect

The speakers in the Bric Connect are unchanged from the older BT model, and that’s also a good thing. The bass on the Connect is punchier than the bass on the BT, likely due to changes in the internal mechanics resulting from the removal of the iPod dock. Sound reproduction is crisp and articulate, even at full volume, so you can crank it up without distortion. Power-wise this would be an ideal system for a medium-sized room like an office or a kitchen; I actually paired it with my MacBook Pro to use as a movie speaker in a hotel room, and it performed flawlessly.

Bric Connect

The bass porting compensates for the lack of a dedicated subwoofer, and the overall sound delivered is balanced, articulate, and bright.

The Details

One of my least favorite features of the Brict BT was its nearly useless remote “holder,” which didn’t offer any real holding ability. This meant your remote was likely to slide out, but the BT’s onboard buttons duplicated the remote buttons. Not so on the Connect, which has moved the input switcher to the remote only—lose that remote and you’re stuck with an aux-only speaker that doesn’t take calls. Luckily, Edifier has fixed the remote holder itself, so the remote now stays firmly in place when you move the speaker around. Given that you can switch between AC and battery power modes, this is a welcomed design improvement, though it would still be nice to see fully redundant buttons just in case you ever lose the remote.

In all, the Bric Connect offers greater flexibility, especially as the current crop of 30-pin Dock accessories is phasing out in favor of newer Lightning-equipped gadgets. The Connect offers the same great speakers with punchier bass, and keeps other winning features from its BT predecessor, like the ability to switch to battery power when you need more portable sound.

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Provides: 2.0 stereo Bluetooth streaming speakers and speakerphone
Developer: Edifier
Minimum Requirements: Audio device with Bluetooth streaming or 1/8″ audio output
Color Choices: Matte Black or Hi Gloss White
Availability: Now

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