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From Skittles to chocolates, waffles, and jellybeans, one thing to curb my sweet-tooth cravings is to munch on a bit of sweet candies, fruits, and desserts while writing reviews and articles. I’ve been out of Candy Crush Saga rehab, but it looks like I’m off to another addictive game for Mac. Green Jelly knows the reels and frills of physics that could trigger my taste buds again.


What is it?

Green Jelly for Mac—brought to us by G5 Entertainment, the creators of popular iOS and Mac games such as Art Mogul and Righteous Kill—is a physics-based puzzle platformer with wild reels and wobbles as Green Jelly tries to collect candies just to make himself smile.

How does it work?

Green Jelly’s game mechanics are the same as its iOS counterpart, except that the mouse is now used as its game controller.


Assuming you haven’t played the iOS game, the first game level gives you a clue on its basic game play. Starting off with a creative story animation, you’ll be able to figure out why Green Jelly must collect all the candies in challenging yet full-of-fun physics-based puzzles.

If you know basic concepts of angles, trajectories, and logic, you’ll be able to help Green Jelly collect all the candies despite the tricky obstacles as you progress to higher levels.

The ultimate goal is to make sure Mr. Green is hooked to each peg on the game board while collecting candies as he reaches safely to his yummy gingerbread home. You must master your mouse when playing this game, or else you might release Green Jelly from the peg at the wrong time.

You’ll play in three locations, starting with Cakes, Chocolate and then up to Waffles.


If you can finish all the three, new levels are unlocked. You may play in window or full screen mode, and you can adjust the music and sounds. Beat the time and earn extra points with each level.

Is it contagious?

The music, graphics, and challenging physics actions make it entertaining. If you’re a big fan of physics-based puzzle games, this is worthy of being included in your list.

Green Jelly Full version for Mac is available for $1.99.

Category: Games
Seller: G5 Entertainment
Cost: Free ($1.99 for full game unlock)
Buy: Green Jelly

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