CE Week 2013: C SEED LED TV

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In the final of AppleTell’s notes from the Consumer Electronics Week 2013, we’re looking at the C SEED LED Television. I saved this for the last because, despite the emphasis on consumer electronics, C SEED’s product isn’t really something your average consumer would consider. But it is truly a sight to behold, and if you have the room, budget, and desire to watch television larger than life in the great outdoors, C SEED should be on your short list.

The Sheer Mechanics

Most televisions attempt to dazzle you with refresh rates, brightness, or size, but they’d pale in comparison with C SEED’s offering. Measuring 201 inches diagonally, the C SEED is definitely the world’s coolest LED TV, and quite likely the largest. It’s a glorious 116 square feet, which is about the average size of a New York City apartment (kinda makes your 42″ pride and joy seem rather minuscule by comparison, no?).

Not content merely to be the biggest, C SEED also offers the slickest design. With the assistance of the Porsche Design Studio, C SEED has created a television that rises up on a monolithic column from under the ground, unfolds silently, and adjusts in three dimensions for the perfect viewing angle. You can raise/lower the stand, rotate the screen, or adjust the pitch for perfect viewing. The company calls this Kinematics, and it’s best experienced in video rather than words (note that the supermodel wife/girlfriend and ruggedly handsome man of the house are not part of the package):

C SEED’s best marketing material shows a man standing next to the television set. Like those books you might have had as a child which showed the average size of dinosaurs compared to an adult human, the true size of the television really snaps into focus when you realize it dwarfs an adult. No matter how svelte the design, no matter how impressive the screen, the sheer size will always be the most awe-inspiring thing about this TV set—it’s practically a personal drive-in movie screen.



Because the C SEED stores itself in a protective underground shaft, it has to raise up and deploy when you’re ready to watch. The process takes about 40 seconds. Once the screen is unfolded, it pumps out an image that’s got a brightness rating of 5,000 cd/m2; by comparison, the Apple Thunderbolt display is a paltry 375 cd/m2. This intense brightness is necessary if you’re watching in full sunlight, and all the components are ruggedized to withstand outdoor use, though they’re not waterproof. The protective cover is weatherproofed, however, so your C SEED stays safely protected when not in use.


To generate sound as impressive as the image it projects, the C SEED includes a total of 15 speakers.  That includes 3 subwoofers cranking out 700 watts each, and 12 left/right channel speakers with 250 watts of power each. Although you’ll have to run power to your outdoor cinema area, C SEED includes a wireless HD video transmitter and media server, so you can keep your video sources in the house and beam the entertainment outside. There are also two HDMI input ports on the TV itself, if you feel like plugging in your iPod/iPad to watch a movie.

Count Those Pennies

Simply put, stunning design and gargantuan size don’t come cheaply. This is a TV for truly inspired outdoor getaways and not your everyday patio. The marketing materials were all filmed/shot at a former palace in Austria, and C SEED’s target market inhabits elegant residences such as these.


Check out more of the C SEED’s design features or Kinematics system at their website, and if you do decide to purchase one, make sure to tweet @appletell so we’ll know when to come over for movie night.

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