The new iPhone 6, as envisioned by designed by m

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iPhone 6m Designed by M

A lot of people have ideas about possible designs for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 6. Some are safe, some are crazy, and some are downright frightening. In the wrong hands, you can get something an Apple designer wouldn’t dare suggest for fear of getting sacked. In the right hands…well, you get this interesting iPhone 6 design from the folks at designed by m.

The designers are Lester Mapp and Jon Liow, who brought us the rather excellent AL13 Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5. Considering most of the iPhone 6 concepts out there to be “… a little over the top,” they wanted to envision a design that had the features they would like to see, but that also are within reach.

iPhone 6m Designed by M

As they describe it:

The new model is all about touch. The 6m banishes buttons from the phone’s design, replacing them with touch sensors for volume, power and home. You want to turn up that new Jay-Z track? No feeling around for buttons. Just touch the bottom corner of the phone and the sound kicks out of the dual face speakers on the front and bottom of the phone. Four speakers equal bigger sound.

Everything is designed to be smooth and sleek. It has chamfered edges and its body is only 5.5mm thick, 20% thinner that the iPhone 5. The front camera and the ear speaker are wrapped around each other in a one double banded circle.

And they’ve stayed away from the curved glass idea. “I don’t think Apple is going to make the move from slim to curved,” said Mapp. “Imagine putting it into your pocket. I wear skinny jeans. Not going to happen,” Mapp laughed.

Designed by m’s iPhone 6m concept offers the following features and benefits:

  • Thin body, only 5.5mm thick. 20% thinner than the iPhone 5.
  • Unique body shape and chamfered edges providing better ergonomics and feel.
  • Touch Sensors for Volume, On/Off, Home.
  • Dual-face speakers (on screen face and on bottom of phone).
  • 18 megapixel camera with low-light mode and panorama feature.
  • Ring Flash on back for professional lighting effect.

Sound good? We think so. More importantly, it looks good, if not a little Droid-like.

iPhone 6m Designed by M

And regardless of how much of this comes to fruition, you can bet that designed by m will have a case ready for it that looks just as good.

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  • Maura

    well it’s a concept but it looks ugly, too much squared,with fillets replaced by chamfers, of course it’s a matter of personal taste here, but it feels unharmonic, the only good thing is the semi borderless screen that is common to many concept designs, but probably still impossible to enginner with actual screen technology
    In these times making a phone concept is very easy, just a matter of using adeguate rendering and few ideas, I guess that being so easy it is incredible that there are very few renderings that really deserve the name of “concept”