Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is 10 years old, celebrates with sale, no gifts!

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Knights of the Old Republic bannerKnights of the Old Republic—the Star Wars roleplaying game that came to the Mac back when that was an event—is 10 years old. The game cast you as a Jedi adept, had a legitimate twist midway through, and is widely considered one of the greatest Star Wars games ever made (certainly ones that don’t contain Lando doing a rhythmic dance game). To celebrate the anniversary, KOTOR is on sale for $4.99 from both the Mac App Store and the iTunes store.

In the game, you play a character who awakens in the middle of a starship battle, 10,000 years before the events of A New Hope. As your amnesiac wanders through the events, you decide whether to help the characters around you (embracing the light), or listen to your darker impulses (becoming a Sith).

In celebration of the anniverary, Game Agent did an interview with James Ohlen, Lead designer on KOTORSome highlights:

JC: Given the large amount of Star Wars movies, games and books, how did you decide on the timeframe and story for KOTOR?

JO: We wanted a timeframe that gave us the freedom to tell an epic story where the player’s choices could impact the entire galaxy. That would be difficult during the movie era, as Luke, Han and Leia were the movers and shakers of that time period. So we decided to base the game in The Old Republic era. Even though the game takes place thousands of years ago, we felt it was important that it feel similar in tone to the original trilogy, both in story and in art style.

JC: What are you most proud of in the creation of KOTOR?

JO: The story twist. I thought we managed to pull off a twist that almost had the same impact as when Darth Vader revealed to Luke that he was his father. We used the Sixth Sense as a guide for how a good twist was pulled off. One of the lessons from that movie was that you had to leave enough clues that a sizeable percentage of the audience would figure out the twist before you revealed it. If you didn’t leave enough clues, then the twist would ring false.

You can download KOTOR for the iPad from the iTunes store, and for OSX on the Mac App Store.

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