An Apple TV set would make a definite impact on the smart TV market

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Apple is rumored to be working on a television set for a market that is otherwise untapped. Here are the reasons why Apple’s TV set will make a definite impact on the television market.

Apple branding and design

This might be a stretch for some, because they will state outright that they do not buy an Apple device simply because of the company’s brand. However, it’s still true for many people who had a very positive experience with an Apple device, and they firmly believe it changed their life. This is all a part of Apple’s tightly controlled “ecosystem” which allows them to constantly tap into a large group of loyal customers who are always willing to whip out their wallets for an Apple product.

Then, there is the other side of the whole Apple product sale that is attracting new business.

When Apple does release a television set, there will, no doubt, be large crowds of loyal customers at the company’s retail stores. Nevertheless, there will also be some people who have never used an Apple product and are curious about the television as their first major purchase from the retail store. This is where the design aspect comes in, through which Apple will be able to use beautifully crafted anodized aluminum, aluminosilicate glass, and white wires to draw in customers. This type of design isn’t something too many TV manufacturers are able to do, and not a lot have.

Competition (or lack thereof)

Despite the fact that other TV manufacturers such as Samsung have already introduced the so-called “Smart TV”, they have failed to create much buzz over their introductions. Sure, some of them did fill up subway cars, billboards, and websites with ads, but not many had people saying, “I have to go buy this now.” This is something Apple should be able to do, especially because the company hasn’t really failed with a major product line in the last decade or so, and because it is something we have seen with the iPhone and the iPad.

Integration of existing products

Apple has a lot of products that can be pieced together to make an Apple TV set; it doesn’t necessarily have to be something entirely new and redesigned for customers to appreciate and buy it. Apple already has screen sizes up to 27 inches, as seen on the iMac. The company is able to pack the innards of the iMac into a cabinet that is insanely thin around the edges. With a TV set, the bulky center wouldn’t be as large, and Apple should be able to create screen sizes larger than 30 inches. They can even use the same design of the Cinema and Thunderbolt displays for inspiration if they like.

Apple will likely also be able to integrate the Apple TV set-top box into the television set and add in features for streaming services such as Netflix, HBO GO, and Hulu Plus. The company can even allow an iPod touch to be used a remote control, though they can still include a standard aluminum remote for surfing.

Apple already has many of the pieces, but now the most important thing to do is wait for the right time to release it so it doesn’t turn into a flop like many of the other so called “smart” televisions in the market.

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  • Robert Serio

    Well we have had very good luck selling smart TV’s. Most customers that come in want a smart TV. We demonstrate them with a wireless connection and a keyboard and show them the web. Also if the have apple products at home they even add an apple TV to the Samsung or Sharp, just to make it easier for them to wirelessly connect their apple products. 3D is still out of the asking and Blu-Ray purchases are also lower.

  • G. Riehm

    If they are to start at the top, then 4K (or better) is in order. Maybe even OLED technology. Trying to introduce technology at the current level, with Apples margins, will be fatal. Being gimmicky will no longer work. All of the iDevices have made their mark in areas where little or no competition existed, or in the iPhones case, there was true innovation. We have past the “wow” era, and expectations will be very high indeed.