New Trent Airbender Mini brings a keyboard and rugged protection to your iPad mini

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New Trent Airbender MiniMaybe you’re in the Congo or out at sea or near some volcano about to erupt, and you think, “Gotta take some notes. I sure hope my iPad mini is okay.” Well, if you have New Trent’s Airbender Mini, it will have been well protected, and you’ll have a much easier time typing apostrophes.

The New Trent Airbender Mini offers maximum protection for their iPad mini at home or in the great out-of-doors. The rubberized exterior is shock and splash resistant. Plugs cover all the iPad mini’s openings, so you get full protection without hindering usability.

And speaking of usability:

The convenient Airbender Mini features a removeable iPad Mini case with integrated screen protector which shields the device from scratches and smudges while retaining the touch screen sensitivity. The ultra low-profile, built-in keyboard seamlessly connects to the iPad Mini via Bluetooth and allows users to type with greater ease and comfort. The keyboard is attached via a durable aluminum arm that allows the case to rotate 360 degrees for landscape or portrait viewing angles ideal for watching movies, FaceTime chatting, gaming or checking emails.

New Trent Airbender mini

The New Trent Airbender Mini is available now for $39.95. For more information, visit

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  • Ameila

    I would love to be out in the Congo taking notes but i am afraid that is only a dream. However I do love the fact that you can find a good iPad mini keyboard mini case that will let you be active and still have communication with whatever activity you choose to do.