OGIO debuts their newest backpack prodigy: The GAMBIT

Sections: Cases / Bags, Laptops, Macintosh/Apple Hardware, Peripherals

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So maybe you don’t play chess, but who wouldn’t want to come out ahead? As successor to the Renegade backpack, the GAMBIT packs more storage space along with more comfort, so inveterate schleppers, haulers, and the technologically-obsessed can carry their gear safely without needing a chiropractor’s assistance.

gambit backpack

Everything In Its Place


I admit I’m something of a packrat when it comes to the gear I carry, but who knows when you might need that extra cable, Lightning adapter, or backup battery? Luckily, OIGO appears to have taken my entire stash of tech gear and built a bag around it. There are dedicated spots for everything, including:

  • padded mouse/camera pocket
  • expanding dual-slot phone pocket
  • dual zippered side utility pockets and dual side bottle/accessory holders
  • organizational panel including pen/pencil holsters, zippered pocket, keyring, and passport holster
  • crush-proof Tech Vault to hold your gadgets safely, even when you cram the GAMBIT into an overhead bin (or a careless fellow traveler smashes their obnoxiously oversized roll-on into the bin)
  • fleece-lined and padded laptop sleeve that holds up to a 17″ laptop

Take Away The Pain

Travelers and commuters have long learned that fashion is a distant third priority to usability and comfort in travel gear. Single strap backpacks, purses, and messenger bags can look cool but leave your upper body bruised after longhaul flights, runs between gates, or standing on the subway. In addition to the plethora of pockets, OGIO has included additional shoulder strap padding for what they call the “Sweet Spot” comfort zone, which helps to relieve the pressure of hauling all that gear on your back. Those shoulders straps are also adjustable and have molded protections zones to help distribute weight evenly.


In addition to building on the Renegade’s success, OGIO has positioned the GAMBIT at a cheaper price point. It starts at only $100 and is available now from OGIO’s online store. It should be available soon through the company’s online retailers including Amazon.

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