Pac-Man Dash for iOS available now, get ready for another endless running game

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pac-man dash

If others can do it, there’s no reason why Namco-Bandai can’t do it as well. We’re talking about the re-appearance of classic video games to the iOS platform by way of endless running gameplay. So, which character in the Namco-Bandai catalog would be most appropriate to be repurposed for this type of game? You guessed it right: Pac-Man. The new iOS game simply called Pac-Man Dash!

As an endless running game, Pac-Man Dash pretty much has all the ingredients to keep you entertained as you play the game. You’ve got the familiar ghosts, monsters and treats which Pac-Man must eat to continue running.  There are power-up items to collect along the way, as well as more than 70 missions to conquer. Stages vary from Pac-Man’s home in the big city to the ghost’s world underground.

As you progress through the different stages of the game, Pac-Man will be able to jump higher and higher from one platform to another—pretty much what you will normally expect from an endless runner.  Namco-Bandai also makes it fun to watch as Pac-Man uses the power-ups as well as when friends come to help him as he runs.


Pac-Man Dash is available now as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

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