Game of War: Fire Age breaks the language barriers

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Game of War

Game of War: Fire Age by Machine Zone is a global online game where you befriend, chat, and destroy people from all over the world on your iOS device. Compete for a powerful crown in an action strategy game where you control troops to attack cities in real-time on a single server. Forge alliances to strategize attacks on your enemies and defend your cities as you craft weapons for your hero and construct buildings.

What’s unusual about Game of War: Fire Age is that you’ll be able to talk to other players no matter what language you speak. There will be an instantaneous translation of online chat, so if a French person types MDR, an English person will see LOL. To help improve the translations, players can translate phrases the game doesn’t understand, and are rewarded with in-game goods.

The New York Times has an excellent article that has more information, including a first look at the gameplay.

Game of War: Fire Age will be released on the App Store soon. To be notified when it’s released and to get 200 free in-game gold, sign up for the newsletter at the official website.

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