Rumor: Budget iPhone to come in two versions: Zenvo and Zagato/Bertone

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By now, everyone on the Internet knows Apple is working on a budget iPhone to compete with the mid-range smartphones saturating the market. We have seen a fair number of leaks and images of the purported low cost iPhone, which is expected to hit the market by the end of this year. A new rumor is suggesting the budget iPhone will come in two different versions that will cater to different markets: Zenvo and Zagato/Bertone.


Both versions will purportedly have the same 4-inch display, the difference lying in the processing power of the device. The Zenvo version is expected to be the cheaper one with H5P dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. On the connectivity side, the device comes with FDD 4G and Bluetooth 4.0.

The latter version—Zagato/Bertone—will have specifications similar to the Zenvo, the only differences being support for TDD 4G LTE and an H6P processor.

Rumors about a budget iPhone are increasing with every passing day. All we have to wait for now is an official announcement from Apple regarding its availability and pricing. Stay tuned, and we will let you know if we hear anything.

Via [Phone Arena]

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