Attend iPhone, iPad and Mac Summer School for free at ScreenCastsOnline

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Whether you’re looking to master your Mac or Apple iDevice, or simply want to see if there are any features/abilities you’re missing, online training is often the way to go. If you’ve got some free time left this summer, ScreenCastsOnline offers up over 500 tutorials on Mac, iPhone and iPad hardware and apps. And through their Summer School program, they’re free for one month.

At, “students” will get unlimited access to the entire library of both iOS and Mac tutorials. Learn at your own pace, so newcomers and experienced users alike will find it easy to take advantage of the video training.

The library includes more than 400 Mac video tutorials, and over 100 video tutorials for the iPad and iPhone. The lessons include the familiar Apple Apps on iOS and OSX, such as iPhoto and iMovie, plus a huge range of commercial and free software and utilities. There’s something for absolute beginners looking for a kick-start, and more experienced users looking for new skills. All videos also include closed caption English subtitles, making them more accessible for people who have trouble hearing, or for whom English is not their first language.

To take advantage of this free Summer School offer, simply head to and register for the free trial membership. To keep it free, you’ll need to cancel your membership before the free month expires. Should you to keep the subscription and continue receiving two brand new video tutorials every week, membership subscriptions run $9 monthly, $23 quarterly, or $70 yearly.

The free month offer will run until the end of August.

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