Apple reaches one billion podcast subscriptions

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Apple has been hitting a lot of milestones this year, reaching 50 billion App Store downloads in May. According to Macworld, the company is now celebrating another huge milestone, reaching one billion podcast subscriptions. Apple’s Podcasts have been available through iTunes for quite some time now and have always offered a variety of different topics. After the introduction of Podcasts in 2005, and the release of the iPhone, the episodic audio/video, PDF, and ePub files became increasingly popular. Lots of technology and creative DIY websites began using podcasts to increase interest in and discuss different ideas.

Podcasts are so popular because of the way that they combine aspects of radio with the latest technology. Radio was once one of the main sources of information for thousands of people, especially when televisions were not readily available, and Podcasts have managed to breathe new life into this type of audio broadcast. Apple has definitely noticed the popularity of podcasts, and even released a standalone Podcasts app for iOS.

Apple is now celebrating the one billion subscriptions with a special section in the iTunes Store that features some of the most popular Podcasts available including This American LifeAll Songs Considered, and WTF.

I’ve noticed that while I do subscribe to a number of Podcasts, I don’t necessarily listen or read all of them. This is probably true for a lot of people, but one billion is a very big milestone, and there is no doubt this number will increase to two billion before too long. The milestone comes at a time when Apple’s iOS devices are being sold in record numbers, especially with the success of the iPhone and iPad in the last 5 years. Apple definitely has something to be proud of, and it shows that they haven’t lost it just yet.

Via [The Verge]

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