Analyst predicts iPhone 5S, budget iPhone and iPad 5 could launch late-September

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We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about Apple’s upcoming ventures: the iPhone 5S, a low-cost iPhone, the next generation iPad (iPad 5), and Haswell powered iMacs and Retina Macbook Pros. A new report from KGI Securities suggests these devices will be launched in late September, but will face delays similar to last year’s iPhone 5.

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AppleInsider got ahold of a research note issued to clients by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that gives us an insight of what to expect from Apple in the coming months. He believes the new iPhone is facing setbacks in production of numerous components, which will limit the amount of devices available at the time of launch.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo

While shipments forecasts may still grow sharply in 4Q13, we are concerned iPhone 5S may face the same problem as its predecessor, namely that by the time supply matures, demand will already have waned, hurting shipments.

It’s not just the iPhone 5S that will face delays, but also the much rumored budget iPhone. However, the device is still expected to be available before the iPhone 5S, and will be available for a price in between $450 and $550 with the shipments limited to 26 million units for 2013.

While we are all talking about Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo also suggests Apple is unlikely to launch a retina version of iPad Mini this year, and expects a launch in March or April next year. Rather, we will see a new version of iPad Mini with hardware improvements by the end of this year, but with no Retina display.

If this prediction pans out, it will definitely shatter the hopes of those who wanted to see a Retina powered iPad mini. We’ll have to wait until September to see what Apple has planned for its users.

Via [AppleInsider]

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