Vine, Porscha Coleman bring us the greatest Apple Store customer ever

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Here’s some quick nonsense to keep you occupied while waiting to see what the Royals name their new baby (I’m hoping Kirk, Jr. is still in consideration). Yes, it’s a comical video of an angry mother (or nanny, I guess) failing at effectively expressing said anger, but it’s even better as an example of how Vine can be a pretty useful and entertaining app.

Take a look.

I’m digging this for so many reasons.

  1. That smiling guy with backpack on the upper left may as well be me. The only thing I find funnier than angry people going off at stores is when the dugouts clear for a good brawl at church league softball games. Remind me to tell you the story of the time the ice cream lady at that truck stop in Indiana decided to first serve her buddies instead of my six-month-pregnant wife who’d been waiting at the counter about five minutes longer.
  2. The look the angry woman gives the employee after the third juice bottle smack? I’ve been given that look many times. With and without juice in the area.
  3. I like that we don’t get to see what led up to this, or how it was resolved. I mean, something had to happen for Porscha Coleman to know to get her camera out, get it focused on the subject, and snap the video, right?

Item three is the most intriguing, because I think that’s the main appeal of Vine. It doesn’t allow us to share and record events, it allows us share and record mere moments. Snippets. It forces the person filming it to leave more to the viewers’ imagination than a full video could, and that makes it instantly more interesting. Show me a five minute tirade in an Apple Store, and I don’t care. Show me a few seconds, and now we’ve gone viral. Thank you, Porscha Coleman!

So, next time you head out for an afternoon of shopping, make sure you’ve got Vine installed and ready to go. You never know when the crazy people are about to do their thing.

Oh, and judging from this video, I sure hope the Apple lady gets employee of the month. We all know the customer isn’t always right—in fact, they almost never are—but it takes a pretty calm person to not remind them of that.

Via [Business Insider]

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