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The title really says it all; this is a game that involves monsters! More than that, That Monsters Game is also a fun, quirky little matching game that adds a couple new twists to the old formula for some updated and easy-to-play fun.

What is it?

Professor Marty, our hapless protagonist, accidentally created monsters in his lab, and he needs your quick fingers to help him zap them into oblivion.

That Monsters Game

The more you play, the more you unlock—though of course there are in-app upgrade options (coins, gems, and lives in this case). Zap quickly, though, or the monsters will take over the lab.

How does it work?

That Monsters Game presents a grid of monsters, and you’ve got to match monsters of the same color/shape. Unlike most matching games, however,  you can trace in up to eight directions: side to side, up and down, as well as diagonally. This gives you the ability to connect monsters from all over the board, while adding a new dimension to the challenge (and it helps the game feel fresher than yet another clone of Bejeweled). You’re battling the clock, measured by that orange liquid in the spiral tube on the right.

Monsters (2)

There are three different play options available, so you can challenge the monsters in blitz, challenger, and strategy modes. You also get boosts, which are optional powers that provide you extra monster-zapping capabilities, like a double-tap to explode some monsters or a vertical swipe to eliminate a whole row regardless of color. You can choose up to three boosts per game, but they cost money so you have to earn (or buy) coins to use them.

Is it contagious?

The colors are fun and the graphics are bubbly in That Monsters Game, but it’s really the animation that sets it apart. The monsters just have so darn much personality! They actually look dismayed and follow your finger as you trace monsters of the same color (monsters of other colors look on with indifference), while any monsters you miss actively mock you once you lift your finger. If you weren’t battling these cute little monsters to keep them from overrunning the laboratory, you might just feel sorry for them!

The full game is free, though it has a slightly irritating limit of three lives with a 15-minute recharge period. This is obviously designed to push either purchase of extra lives (anywhere from $0.99 to $8.99 for infinite lives), or the +10 lives Facebook login option.

Monsters (1)

Otherwise That Monsters Game is a fun and easy way to pass a few minutes or keep the kids entertained.

Category: Games
Developer: Software Prodigy
Cost: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: That Monsters Game

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