Apple’s iPhone line will witness major name shift

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Apple’s iPhone line has been very predictable since the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007. Since the 3G iteration, the company has released an “S” series iPhone every other year with a completely redesigned iPhone in the years between.

When the iPhone 4S was introduced, I heard plenty of people say that they were going to skip this model because the next model would witness a redesign and would be better. They were right; Apple went on to introduce the iPhone 5 with a taller 4-inch screen, a faster A6 chip, and a new metal design. The 4S used the same design of the iPhone 4 and added in features such as the A5 chip and Siri, neither of which seemed worth an upgrade or the hassle.

All of this will change if Apple introduces the rumored iPhone 5S and the low-cost iPhone. Apple prevented the iPad line from becoming stale by introducing the iPad mini and removing the numbering system from the device line. There have been reports that Apple is looking to get rid of the iPhone 5 after the 5S and low-cost iPhones are introduced.

This is because there would be three separate devices available, and the low-cost iPhone would likely take the $99 price slot that the iPhone 4S currently occupies. With this change, Apple’s iPhone line-up will witness a major shift that hasn’t really been seen before. As Apple updates the iPhone line-up each year from now on, the low-cost iPhone will always be updated and will occupy one spot of the available iPhone options.

It’s possible Apple will remove the naming scheme from the full-featured iPhone, which means the rumored iPhone 5S may simply be called “iPhone” while the low-cost iPhone would receive a name. It is obvious Apple won’t call it the “low-cost iPhone,” after all. The full featured iPhone, on the other hand, is soon going to be hitting its 7th refresh, and the names can only go on for so long before they get ridiculous.

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  • 5280420

    I vote for ‘New iPhone’ (5s) & ‘iPhone Lite’

  • Benito

    Perhaps the lower cost iPhone will simply be called the iPhone and the iPhone 5S will be called the iPhone Pro.

  • Alan

    That’s a great idea, Benito! I like it.

  • wivibi

    I predict a California inspired name if they even change it. Considering, there big push for the “Designed by Apple in California” campaign. They refreshed the OSX monicker this year, after all. Besides, how many more phones are they going to debut with the wrong number. If I’m not mistaken, I believe, Steve Jobs explained the naming of the iPhone 4 stating it was the fourth generation. Then iPhone 5 debuts as the sixth generation.

  • eBry

    iPhone 5 becomes New iPhone, low cost one becomes iPhone Mini.

    In 2014 a bigger iPhone can appear that could be iPhone pro as it would be a kind of iPad Micro with phone functionality.

    An iPad Pro will eat up further the laptop market with a larger screen and a docking station…

  • Tin

    Premium iphone vs iphone

  • Minhaj

    It’s good idea !!!👍