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Generally, I’ve never been a fan of aerial combat games. In fact, the last game I played in this genre is Ace Combat in my old Playstation console. And since there are a plethora of other great games in the App Store, I never had the chance to try out aerial combat on an iOS device. Until now, with this new game called Sky Gamblers: Cold War.

skygamblers: cold war

Sky Gamblers: Cold War is the latest aerial combat game released by developer, Atypical. These guys also brought us Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders and Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, and they’re quite good.

What is it?

As mentioned, Sky Gamblers: Cold War is an aerial combat game. To be more precise, it’s an extensive, single player aerial combat game with multiplayer modes and, of course, non-stop action within short to long missions. And by long, I mean really long missions which may not be suitable to a quick gaming fix; you’ll have to devote ample time to some of the game’s missions. Even the game’s tutorial mode consists of lenghty training. But it’s all for a good cause since you will really have to learn to master the game’s controls before going out on the regular missions.

How does it work?

As complex and lengthy as game’s missions are, the game also has complex set of controls that need to be mastered to successfully pilot your aircraft.

skygamblers: cold war

The game uses tilt and a virtual joystick to execute the aircraft’s movement, speed, weapons and flight squad formations. But once you’ve mastered the game’s controls, the game becomes quite fun.

Is it contagious?

As I told you, I’m not really into aerial combat games; it gives me headache staring at the screen as I try to pilot my aircraft, and this game is no exception. But the many features that it has to offer kept me playing it much longer than I expected; Sky Gamblers has everything fans of aerial combat games could ask for.

skygamblers: cold war

There are plenty of aircrafts to unlock and fly, ample enemies to shoot down, enough missions, plus other nice features including iCloud and Airplay support, not to mention the online modes.

Fans of aerial combat will be certainly be pleased with this game. For those who want something different from the countless endless running games proliferating the App Store, Sky Gamblers: Cold War offers a good, if not pick-up-and-play addictive, break.

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Cost: $4.99
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