Apple Developer Center back online after an eight day outage

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After a grueling eight days for many developers, the Apple developer center is finally coming back online. A number of developers began to note they were able to log into their accounts and once again use the website. Apple updated the System Status page to reflect the changes, with green dots indicating that the Mac, iOS, and Safari dev centers are entirely back online while other parts of the site—such as Technical Support and Apple Developer Forums—remain offline.

Apple’s developer centers were taken down after the company determined the site was hacked and some personal information of developers may have been stolen. After this, Apple reported it was going to overhaul and rework the entire developer system, and that it would gradually bring each of the dev centers and services back online as it fixed them. Apple has held up its end of the deal, but it seems that the real damage has already been done—the hack itself and the possibility of personal information being stolen.

I began to get a bit antsy when the outage hit, so it must have been very upsetting for other developers who essentially lost connection with their applications and accounts. The idea of some information being stolen didn’t bother me as much as the fact that Apple’s servers were even susceptible to a hack this damaging. It makes me wonder what other Apple services could be easily hacked and shut down for days. Even so, I suppose the developer centers coming online is a good thing, and developers will now be able to download the iOS 7 update and edit their applications/extensions.

It will be interesting to see how Apple handles the restoration of the remaining services, as well as the phishing scam that surfaced soon after the outage began.

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