Everlove brings romance to iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows

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If you’re a fan of romance novels, Everlove will be the ideal game for you. Developed by Silicon Sisters—a company that makes games “by women, for women”—Everlove is a narrative romance game for iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows.

Everlove puts players in the shoes of a young woman named Rose who has turned to past-life regression to gain insight into her personal problems. Under hypnosis, Rose is transported to the pastoral village of Heart’s Home, where she soon discovers that she has chemistry with several of the locals. While building relationships, uncovering carefully guarded secrets, and navigating personal dramas, players define Rose’s character and choose her path. With the game’s outcome reflecting on the very issues that the modern-day Rose wants to resolve.

“Video games traditionally explore male fantasies: winning a fight, competing in sports, saving the princess,” said Silicon Sisters CEO Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch. “We at Silicon Sisters love some of those games, as do plenty of other women. But a game that specifically delves into female fantasies — what is that game like? That’s a question we’re trying to answer with Everlove.”

Everlove has a planned August 2013 release for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android, with a Mac and PC version later. More details and images will be posted at the Everlove Facebook page.

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