JBL launches new WR2.4 wireless headphones

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Cord cutting is in at the moment, and JBL’s recently announced WR2.4 headphones do away with cords in favor of a 2.4 Ghz radio frequency connection. Although many wireless audio products utilize Bluetooth, the JBL setup offers a couple unique features while still giving you wireless freedom, especially for home audio equipment or mobile tech that doesn’t include Bluetooth. And if you already have multiple Bluetooth devices, you can safely add the WR2.4s without causing interference or adding even more choices to your iPhone’s device list.


Ride the Wave

The WR2.4s promise a wireless range of up to 100 feet, while most Bluetooth devices advertise a range of only 30 feet; many suffer severe noise/dropout even at much closer distances. JBL has positioned the WR2.4 as a home audio compliment, so if you’re playing music through your home theater you can get up and walk around the house with these headphones. The combination charging cradle/headphone storage base connects to your audio source using RCA inputs so you can add wireless abilities to any device with a headphone jack or RCA-out jack.

The Specs

The WR2.4s include 2 built-in rechargeable AAA sized batteries which are rated at eight hours of listening time. Charging is a breeze, as you simply dock the headphones to their holding cradle which doubles as a charger. They feature an over-ear design and floating headband, so no sharp edges dig into the top of your scalp. With semi-closed backs, they will let in some external noise but also provide a more realistic soundstage, which is important if you’re using them for a full eight hours. There are also on-headphone controls for volume and power, though no playback controls.


The most most important spec is obviously the price, which is a decent $99.95. That gets you the headphones with battery and the transmitter/charging cradle, and a 1/8″-to-RCA cable to connect your device. They’re available from Best Buy or Check out JBL’s site for full specs and details.

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  • Tom Descamps

    The WR2.4s promise a wireless range of up to 100 feet, while most Bluetooth devices advertise a range of only 30 feet. And that means a lot for my. I mostly use headphones to work in my garage, so this will be very welcome!