Apple releases iOS 7 beta 4 to developers

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ios 7 beta

Now that all the services of Apple’s Developer Center are slowly coming online, the company is gradually switching back to its timing for beta releases. On Monday, Apple seeded iOS 7 beta 4 to developers, over two weeks after the third beta release.

Normally, Apple releases iOS betas every two weeks to keep a consistent schedule; since this is the first time iOS has witnessed a major redesign, more betas are expected. This latest beta release was likely set back by the developer center outage, which means all other betas could potentially be pushed by a week or more.

The latest beta brings several minor changes, including Safari enhancements, slight color adjustments on some apps including Mail. Other changes include improved Siri search, allowing users to ask more detailed questions.

Apple likely included many more improvements that will come up as developers begin using the latest beta. iOS 7 beta 3 was a very stable update and worked great on the iPod touch 5th gen, iPhone 4S and on the iPhone 5 that I tested. By far, the iPhone 5 ran all three betas with the least issues.

The iOS 7 beta 4 update is available via Settings in iOS, which is the easiest way to install.

For more information, visit the Apple Developer Center.

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