Add external sensors to your iPhone with NODE

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node for iPhoneI love my iPhone, but there are always things I’d like to add or change. On the top of my list is more sensors. Yeah, it might sounds crazy at first, but wouldn’t it be nice to know what the temperature is like right where you are instead of for who-knows-where close by? Wouldn’t it be nice to know pressure or humidity too? NODE can help your iPhone do just that.

NODE is a platform for adding sensors to your iOS device. It connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth 4.0 and gives you an external set of sensors. Built in to the NODE is a 9 degree-of-freedom motion engine (gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer); yes, your iPhone already has that built in, but this is external. And the sensor-based fun doesn’t stop there; NODE can handle up to two additional sensor modules. Currently, there are five from which to choose: THERMA, OXA, CLIMA, CHROMA, and LUMA (this one is not really a sensor). Each module measures one or more things, like surface temperature, levels of certain gases in the air, climate metrics, and color.

If you like the idea of external sensors, you should really check out the NODE; it’s a very interesting product. The NODE sells for $149, but it’s currently on backorder. Extra sensor modules range from $25 to $125.

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