Your inner child will love the Smallworks iPhone Brickcase

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Growing up is hard. Suddenly you’re trading in your Gushers and Capri Sun for utility bills and coffee. Sometimes, however, you find something that takes you back, and it’s those moments that you just can’t buy. Well that was until Smallworks released the Brickcase iPhone case…

Brickcase Colors

LEGO my iPhone

Remember LEGO? It’s easy for me…I still have them. The colorful bricks enabled boundless creativity, and even when you painfully stepped on one, you couldn’t stay away for too long. Enter the Smallworks Brickcase, which is basically the LEGO-building equivalent to a blank canvas, and it’s teeming with potential. Just check out this video I made.:

Aren’t my Marvel pajamas awesome?

Design It

Basically, it’s all on you to design your Brickcase to meet your vision, and you can change that vision as many times as you like (although, even on its own, it’s a cool iPhone case). There are tons of colors, and there are even some see-through options if you want your iPhone Apple logo to show through. You could even make your own iPhone stand if you wanted to go down that route.

iPhone Brickcase

She knows what’s up.

Strong as a Brick

If you recall, LEGOs are pretty durable. I still have mine from 15 years ago, and they look good as new. My point is that the Brickcase incorporates the LEGO creativity with the LEGO level of durability. Therefore, it’s also an awesome iPhone case in terms of protection. It’s made with a tough, high-impact ABS hard case, and the Brickcase holds your iPhone’s screen off the table while you construct your masterpieces.

Although, strong and durable, the Smallworks Brickcase is relatively light. At the same time, the Brickcase is heavy enough to support most creations (though maybe not a life-size LEGO representation of the Eiffel Tower). Either way, you’ve got a portable toy for your iPhone. So play on and let your inner child roam free!


The Smallworks Brickcase is $24.99, and it comes in a variety of colors. They’re perfect for gifts, but I would advise collecting them all!

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Buy the SmallWorks Brickcase for iPhone 4/4S

Provides: Protection for iPhone
Developer: Smallworks
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4/4S/5 and iPod touch 4th gen
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

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