Apple Store app now giving away paid apps for free

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Apple has had a deal in place with Starbucks for quite some time to offer customers select paid apps for free. Now, the company appears to be using this same strategy to boost sales from within its own Apple Store app. The free apps are accessible in the “Stores” section of the app, and the first application Apple is offering to customers is an app called Color Zen, which typically costs $0.99.

Like with the Starbucks cards, it’s likely Apple will offer a lot more content in the future, which may include iBookstore offerings, music from the iTunes Music store, and perhaps even movies and TV shows. Apple will be giving away a different app each week, which will help drive more customers to the App Store. Apple has reportedly been working to make some of its own paid apps available as free App Store offerings, including iMovie, Garageband and others.

With this latest update, Apple has taken an application a lot of customers use to browse or to make quick purchases and made it a part of the App Store model. This will help the company synchronize its services and boost not only app sales but product sales as a result of the influx of visitors to the company’s Online Store via the app.

Via [AppleInsider]

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