uDesktop NEXT hi-res desktop image app for OS X review

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Ukrainian developer Aperio Lux’s uDesktop NEXT for OS X is a desktop wallpaper application that lets users choose from a library of hi-res images in 35 categories that are constantly being updated, so you should be able find several that suit your taste. Wallpapers are available in 16 resolutions for everything from iPhone and iPad to the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

uDesktop NEXT

Image categories include unique calendars for every month (updated monthly) in 5 languages: English (UK and US style), French, German, Italian, and Russian. The categories are 3D, Abstract, Animals, Architectures, Aviation, Birds, Black & White, Cars, Cartoon, Cats, Colors, Fantasy, Fire, Flowers, Food, Glass, Holidays, Insects, Interiors, Love, Misc., Monuments, Mountains, Music, Nature, Ships, Space, Sports, Technical, Textures, Underwater World, Water, and Weapons.

uDesktop NEXT

As noted,sixteen different resolutions are available:

  • Mac: 1280×800, 1280×1024, 1366×768, 1440×900, 1600×1200, 1680×1050, 1920×1080, 1920×1200, 2560×1440, 2560×1600 (MacBook Pro 13.3″ with Retina Display), 2880×1800 (MacBook Pro 15.4″ with Retina Display) and Surfboard (panoramic Hi-Res desktop pictures)
  • iPad: 1024×768, 2048×1536
  • iPhone: 960×640, 1136×640

You can sort wallpapers by New, Popular, Random or Downloaded viewing categories.

uDesktop NEXT

In “New,”all wallpapers are displayed in categories according to their novelty. By choosing any category in the section “New” you’ll see the newest wallpapers in the catalog.

In “Popular,” wallpapers in each category are sorted by their download popularity in descending order.

In “Random,” wallpapers in each category are sorted in random order.

In “Downloaded,” all of your downloaded wallpapers are shown. Aperio Lux say they’re adding more new images weekly, and users can download as many as they wish at no extra cost. Users can also add their own images to the uDesktop NEXT catalog using the My Folder feature. When you import pictures into My Folder, they’re copied into a library that is automatically created by uDesktop NEXT in the “Pictures” folder.

uDesktop NEXT

The “Calendar” section is updated monthly, and calendars for months past are automatically removed from uDesktop NEXT’s content.

uDesktop NEXT’s interface is smooth and quick, and I’ve encountered no obvious bugginess. One can spend a lot of time browsing through the vast collection of desktop images. It is a one-trick-pony though, so you’ll have to consider whether a desktop image manager and download app is worth five bucks (currently on sale for $3.00).

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uDesktop NEXT review

Buy uDesktop NEXT

Provides: Vast selection and management of desktop images
Format: Digital download
Developer: Aperio Lux
Minimum System Requirements: OS X v10.7.4, Intel 64-bit processor
Price: $4.99 (on sale for $2.99 at press time)
Availability: Now

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