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It’s no secret that your day can be shaped by a bad morning. So, why waste your time fumbling with your iPhone trying to shut off the alarm when you can simply turn your iPhone into a giant snooze button? Distil Union’s Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock and Clock App enables users to sleep soundly and easily snooze when time allows. The Snooze Alarm Clock features a large rubber bar that functions as a snooze bar. Thus, you won’t be fumbling with your iPhone instead of enjoying those precious minutes of snooze sleep. The Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock and clock app is perfect for anyone that likes the reliability of a programmed iPhone alarm but still prefers an alarm clock’s snooze button.


The nice thing about the Snooze iPhone alarm clock is that it’s really simple to use. Simply download the free Snooze Alarm app or the Touch LED – Speakers Alarm Clock app. Once downloaded, just set your alarm, then slide your iPhone into the secure Snooze iPhone alarm clock, which is crafted in the U.S.A. out of solid maple wood (talk about a conversation piece). The Snooze iPhone Alarm Clock also functions as a charging dock thanks to the built-in cord catch (cord not included). As you can see, you’ve got it all.


For my review, I downloaded and used the free Snooze Alarm app. I set an alarm and kept the app open so I could see the clock at night. The alarm went off and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the alarm sound itself. Of course, it was also very easy to snooze thanks to the snooze bar. Plus, I am no longer afraid of waking up only to knock my iPhone down the tiny space between my bed and my wall (trust me, it happens way too much). Curse my butter fingers!

I was also able to use the Snooze Alarm Clock with the native alarm app on my iPhone and it worked just as good. Who doesn’t love options?

The design of the Snooze Alarm Clock has that understated chic that combines simplicity with a modern flare. I just really dig the wood paneling and the rubber bar combination.


What it comes down to is this: Waking up is hard, but it’s easier with the Snooze Alarm Clock.

My mornings used to look like this:


Or even this:


But now they look like this:

Happy Mornings

I’m in a gif phase, what can I say?

Anyways, the Distil Union Snooze Alarm Dock and Clock App is really awesome in all its simplicity, so if you’re looking for that added help waking up in the mornings, you’ll want to check it out. The Distil Union Alarm Clock costs $34.99, and the app is free. The rubber is available in either black or white.

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Distil Union Snooze Alarm Clock review

Buy the Distil Union Snooze iPhone Alarm Clock Dock

Provides: A giant snooze button and display for your iPhone alarm
Developer: Distil Union
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4/4S/5
Price: $34.99
Availability: Now

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