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More selfie shots, creative foodporn, endless works of art, stunning portraits, breathtaking landscapes and 15-second videos are seen with InstaDesk. It’s a Mac OS X Instagram client that lets you see more daily photo blurbs of your friends, friends’ friends and the rest of the world.

What is it?

InstaDesk was developed by Benedikt Terhechte’s for Mac users, allowing them to browse Instagram photos of friends, explore and track hashtags, search new friends and photos to follow, and the like.


InstaDesk v2.2 features a revamped core memory and speed infrastructure for faster loading of photos.

How does it work?

The app requires a user name and password for authentication, then you’re ready to roll the photos on your desktop. Unfortunately, you can’t upload photos (yes, that ol’ Instagram restriction forbids any photo uploads from iOS, Mac, and Android clients).


Generally, here’s what you can do with InstaDesk:

  • Browse photos and view them in a slideshow
  • Download images and save them to your computer
  • Find new users and scout your friends’ Instagram accounts to follow
  • Comment on and like them, etc.
  • Add additional Instagram accounts to manage
  • Create your own albums

On the right side panel, you get to see photos by Feed, Popular, and Tags; at the same time, you get to access news and can confirm requests.


I’ve also observed some other notable details:

  • There are three change view modes.
  • While browsing, you can sort the photos by date, comments, likes, and name).
  • You can get detailed information about the photo uploads, including filter, location,  and account status (public or private).

Is it contagious?

InstaDesk sports a light and clean user interface and functional buttons for comments and likes. However, whenever I watch a video, it gets stuck up and the app suddenly crashes. It’s probably a bug they missed and can fix during updates. But is it contagious? Not really, as I’d rather just stick to my iOS client.

Category: Social Networking
Seller: Benedikt Terhechte
Cost: $4.99
Buy: InstaDesk

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