Latest rumors point to thinner iPad and iPad mini with Retina display

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With September fast approaching, rumors about the next iPad and iPad mini are surfacing from more reliable sources. Specifically, rumors are saying the next iPad will be as thin as the current model of the iPad mini, while we’ll also finally see the iPad mini with Retina display.

Wall Street Journal’s Digits was the first to report the next iPad making use of the same touch-based panel as the iPad Mini. A recent teardown report of the iPad mini revealed it uses a film-based touch panel which made the tablet thinner and lighter when compared with the glass-based touch panel used by the regular-sized iPad. Apple will now use the same film-based technology to make the next iPad as thin and light as the iPad Mini.

Bloomberg seconded this report, but also said Apple will be launching a new iPad Mini, this time featuring what many have been longing for: a Retina display. Citing people familiar with Apple’s plan, Bloomberg says the iPad Mini with Retina display will most likely become available before the year ends.

So, it seems Apple may be announcing not only the new iPhones in its upcoming September event but also the next iPad and the new iPad Mini with Retina Display. It is most likely the former will become available the following week, while the later will be due sometime in November or December.

Expect more rumors and speculation to surface as September approaches. Of course, AppleTell will be reporting these to you as they become available.

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