iLuv Aud 5 Lightning speaker dock review

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There aren’t many devices on the market that offer a built in Lightning connector for Apple’s latest lineup of products.  Fortunately, the people at iLuv Creative Technology have delivered on an audio solution for your iPhone 5 (and any other electronic device, really): the Aud 5.

iLuv Aud 5

This hi-fi speaker and Lightning dock has a modern design that not only looks good, but sounds good too.


The Aud 5 is meant to be seen as well as heard.  It has a sleek, curved design with a large black fabric cover over the front of the speakers and a smooth piano-black finish up on top.  It has simple control buttons on top: power, play/pause, volume, and fast forward and rewind.  When powered on, a white circle will softly glow on top.

In front, there exists a simple tray with a Lightning connector for your iPhone 5 or your 5th generation iPod touch.  The connection base is on a pivot, allowing for ease of connection to your device.  It will even accommodate most cases.; those cases that do not have small openings for the Lightning port should be good to leave on your iPhone or iPod touch.

iLuv Aud 5

While the iLuv Aud 5 has the Lightning connector, it’s not recommended for use with the iPad mini or latest generation of iPads.  Fortunately, the Aud 5 does have a 1/8″ stereo input connection to allow any electronic device to use the powered speakers.  For the iPhone 5 and the 5th Generation iPod touch, the dock will also charge the device while playing music.  It will charge the device even if the speakers are not turned on.

While this device is small and light enough to be portable, it does require an AC outlet to power the speakers.  There is no Bluetooth connection for wireless use.  For a similar wireless experience, I would recommend iLuv’s MobiAria powered speakers, but I’ll stay focused on the Aud 5 speakers for this review.


The sound quality for the iLuv Aud 5 is excellent for its targeted price range ($100 – $150).  The sound is full and rich with crisp high notes and a warm middle tone.  It has a passive radiator to generate the low notes which come across clean and not overpowering.  For music that drives a deep bass note (like electronic music), you might be wanting more presence.  For everything else, the overall sound is very good.

iLuv Aud 5

I tried different styles of music.   I played classic rock, smooth jazz, electronic, and current pop music on the iLuv Aud 5, and in all instances I found that I could turn up the volume all the way without noticing any real distortion in sound.  That’s is simply amazing for speakers of this price.  The sound will easily fill a large space or provide a simple solution for tight spaces.


The Aud 5 from iLuv Creative Technology is an elegant powered speaker for your Apple Lightning device, offering a warm, rich sound in a visually stunning package that’s meant to be seen and heard.  It’s an excellent solution for offering a big sound in tight spaces.  Consider getting one.

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Provides: Powered speakers with device recharging
Developer: iLuv Creative Technology
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th gen, and iPad nano 7th gen via Lightning port; any audio device via 1/8″ stereo mini-jack
Price: $129.99
Availability: Now

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