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Those of us around in the days of Mac OS 9 and previous will recall a program (we called them “programs” back then) called Kaleidoscope. This was a system utility that allowed you to easily find, store and switch between UI designs on your Macintosh. Pimp Your Screen is kind of the iOS equivalent, making it very easy to change your lock and home screen backgrounds.

What is it?

I should elaborate on the previous statement, as it’s already very easy to change your lock and home screen backgrounds. The true functionality of Pimp Your Screen is that it presents you with an incredible variety of beautiful images formatted for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad screen.

Pimp Your Screen

Rather than scour the Internet for images, you can simply swipe through options by category.

How does it work?

Pimp Your Screen

First, exercise your thumb a bit; you’re going to be using it a lot.

If you’ve got an afternoon ahead of you, you can simply swipe through the entire collection of backgrounds until you find something you like. Be warned, though…there are a lot of options. Thankfully, the developers split them into categories to help narrow your search: abstract, cartoon, animals, nature, etc. In addition, you can search specifically for wallpapers, themes (sets of matching lock and home screen backgrounds), app shelves (images designed to look as if they’re holding your app icons) and icon skins (images that frame your app icons).

When swiping through the designs, you can look at them on their own or tap the screen to pull up a sample set of icons to icons to see how they’ll look with your apps on top of them.

Pimp Your Screen

When you’ve found one you like, tap the Save button to place the image in your camera roll. You then need to access Brightness & Wallpaper in your Settings app to assign the image as you would any other image from your camera roll.

Is it contagious?

I wouldn’t say contagious, but that’s not the point. Rather, it’s just very handy. If we’re going to be honest with ourselves, photos of our kids and vacations make for really messy home screen backgrounds that make it harder to see the icons above them. The images in Pimp Your Screen are designed specifically for that function, and the majority of them are absolutely stunning. Considering the incredible variety of images (with new images rolling out frequently), you’re bound to find something you like. Match your case, match your mood, match your current interests, Pimp Your Screen is a fun and inexpensive way to keep your iOS screen looking fresh and clean.

Which makes its title kind of ironic, I guess.

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