Apple updates beta with iOS 7 design

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Apple’s iOS 7 design is finally beginning to spread to the company’s other services, as the public release for the mobile OS gets closer. On Wednesday, the beta website was updated with the same redesigned icons seen in iOS 7. The beta now sports the same flat design for Mail, Contact, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, and Find My iPhone. The beta versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes have retained the same design from iOS 6.

When I headed over to the regular site, I noticed it still sported the same look from iOS 6. So, Apple is trying to keep it strictly limited to developers. I noticed the website runs much like iOS 7, with the same type of blurs and transitions when going between applications and back to the Home screen. Find My iPhone even appears to be updated in the beta, even though it has yet to be updated for iOS devices.

The background of the new design also takes advantage of the new Dynamic wallpapers in iOS 7, as well as the thin lettering and fonts. The apps inside have also been updated, as one would expect, and the service seemed very fluid during usage.

It is unclear what Apple will update next to reflect the iOS 7 design, though it will likely be the built in applications in OS X.

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