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We’ve covered several hidden object games from G5 Entertainment, and most (if not all) of those games are pretty much enjoyable. The same goes true with their current offering, Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer. With longer gameplay, and pretty much the same mechanics as the first Righteous Killer game, fans will surely enjoy playing this latest offering.

What is it?

As mentioned, Righteous Killer 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer is a hidden object game with a storyline featuring the protagonist from the first game: Erica, an NYPD detective of the Vigilante Unit. Erica must solvethe mystery left behind by the antagonist who goes by the monicker—you guess it right—the Poet Killer.

righteous kill 2

The Poet Killer has this habit of leaving notes at the scenes of his crime. It’s your task as Erica, together with the members of the Vigilante Unit to analyze these notes, examine objects, visit various locations to finally solve the crime and put a stop to the Poet Killer.

How does it work?

Righteous Killer 2 is pretty much your usual hidden object game. Expect several hours of exploration as you progress from one location to another. As this is supposed to be a mystery, the locations you visit are mostly dark, so prepare your eyes and make sure you won’t miss an object in any given location. If you do, there’s always the hint icon that will tell the exact location of the object.

righteous kill 2

Yes, it’s totally a touch-based game. Along the way there are cutscenes that will tell the story and will make you move from one level to another. Don’t expect too much from these cutscenes in terms of animation; they are merely cut-outs of people with dialogues to advance the story.

Is it contagious?

Like I said, fans of hidden object games will be pleased by Righteous Kill 2; it has all the usual ingredients of a typical G5 hidden object game. Those new to this kind of game though might find some things that are a bit annoying. For instance, most objects are a bit small and dark, making them hard to find. It will take more patience to finally find everything.

righteous kill 2

The good thing about Righteous Kill 2—especially for those who found the original Righteous Kill game a bit short—is that it’s pretty long. It will take you at least five hours to complete the game, depending on your skills. There are 11 chapters in the game divided into various scenes which you all must investigate.

Overall, Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer is a good sequel with more gameplay and other features.

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Seller: G5 Entertainment
Cost: Free ($6.99 for full game unlock)
Download: Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer HD (also available for iPhone)

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