iOS 7 beta 6 expected to arrive next week before golden master

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According to a report from BGR, Apple will soon be releasing iOS 7 beta 6 to developers. This beta is expected to be the final seed before the company releases the golden master. It isn’t unusual for Apple to release betas with this schedule, especially because it has been about two weeks since they released iOS 7 beta 5. There are still some existing issues with the beta version of iOS 7, which Apple will likely address in the next beta. This is because the golden master version of iOS is usually the same version Apple releases to the public, though there are usually very minor changes.

Apple is expected to seed beta 6 next week, followed by the golden master around September 5th. This leaves the company about 5 days to address any remaining issues before releasing the final version to the public alongside new iPhone hardware.

Apple is expected to introduce a new iPhone or perhaps even two new iPhones at a media event on September 10th. This would include the all-plastic iPhone 5C, as well as the updated iPhone 5S with a fingerprint sensor. The golden master candidate will reportedly be released to internal groups and carrier partners only, which means developers will recieve the final version on September 10th.

After iOS 7 beta 6, Apple will be seeding a GM (gold master) version for its employees and partners to test starting around September 5th. This will mostly likely be the software that is released to the public later on in the month of September, barring any major bugs or problems that might be discovered.

After Apple and its partners are comfortable with the gold master build, the company will release it to developers on September 10th, the day of the company’s iPhone event where we should see the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C make their first appearances — and they will of course be the first devices to run iOS 7 out of the box.

If Apple releases beta 6 next week, it will begin to resemble the release schedules for previous iOS versions. Apple’s iOS 7 betas were thrown off by a developer center outage a few weeks ago, which was caused by an unknown hack. Apple has since revamped the site and brought all of the developer services back online.

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