Apple TV vs. Google Chromecast; how do they stack up?

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apple TV vs. Google Chromecast

The Apple TV is a great device, but with Google’s Chromecast now available on the market, it seems Apple is getting some serious competition. I say this because of my own personal preference, the usability of the Chromecast, and what some of my friends and family chose.

Google’s Chromecast seems like a much easier device to use because it plugs directly into the HDMI port on your TV. The Apple TV takes up more space, and with so many different devices in use these days, people don’t have extra space to waste.

Chromecast also has several features that makes it a slightly better option for me. It’s smaller, osts a lot less ($35 vs. $99), and makes it much easier to do certain tasks. Don’t get me wrong, the Apple TV is an excellent device, and you get many more features than the Google Chromecast. However, a lot of customers don’t use all of “channels” available to Apple TV, such as HBO GO, Hulu Plus, and MLB TV.

As a matter of fact, the only service I really use is Netflix, and I want an easy way to stream it to my television. Streaming with the Google Chromecast made it easier because the device becomes the remote control, allowing you to scrub through the stream, and even adjust small things like volume. The Chromecast also allows you to stream directly through the Chrome browser while doing other tasks, which is something I found annoying on the Apple TV, which lets you stream certain things but forces you to mirror your device while doing other tasks. I like being able to stream movies with friends and family while updating my status on Facebook or browsing the internet.

Ultimately, the Google Chromecast seems like a better option to me because I enjoy the few features it offers for a low price. Even though the Chrome browser streaming feature is still in beta, it is stable enough that I can stream almost anything I want. The Chromecast focuses on select features, which a lot of users seem to want.

In the battle of Apple TV vs. Google Chromecast, both devices are great. Apple TV offers more of a full entertainment experience with lots of services, while Google’s option offers limited streaming options via the Chrome browser, Netflix, and Google Play. Though the Chromecast is already sold out in many places, it will be interesting to see what happens as it picks up more features and Apple’s rumored television set nears announcement.

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