Pirate Legends sets sail for tower defense mayhem

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Pirate Legends

Pirate Legends is a tower defense game for iOS that pits you against some of the most dangerous enemies of the sea, including the British navy, cannibals, and zombies.

Engage in 12 battles that will test your skills in pirate wit and strategy to see who is the scurviest of them all! Twenty unique towers are yours to command. Blow ships out of water and “voodoo” enemies to smithereens. Use special heroes to support you from the skies, or unleash the mighty Kraken to consume your helpless adversaries whole!

In Pirate Legends players will discover:

  • 7 varied lush environments complete with NPC units
  • 12 epic battles across the seas against 28 different enemies and 4 terrifying bosses
  • 20 unique towers, with 16 powerful tower specials
  • Awesome soundtrack with a dozen unique tracks and character voiceovers
  • 4 seaworthy heroes to command and five magical relic powers
  • And so much more!

Pirate Legends is available on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad for $3.99 with in-app purchases.

Learn more about Pirate Legends at Super Hippo Studios website.

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