Booq Viper Courier laptop bag review

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Most bags make you choose one: your iPad or your Mac. These days, people just can’t leave home without having multiple devices in tow. This is true for people like me who have to carry a Mac to do work while using an iPad for music and reading newspapers and magazines. At the same time, I’m also expected to carry notebooks, my iPhone, and of course, all of the chargers for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I’ve never owned a bag that could carry all of this stuff, until now.

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Booq’s latest bag (part of Fibre Collection), called the Viper Courier, provides great carrying solutions for all types of laptop and tablet users.


The design is the most important, because it works for almost anyone. A student could easily fit his computer into the bag because it has a nylon lining inside that protects the computer from sliding around inside the bag with other products. There is also a smaller pocket that can fit a 7 to 10 inch tablet, such as the iPad mini or full sized iPad. The other side of the bag has a slot for smaller accessories such as an iPhone or a small notepad (which is what I tested it with).

Booq Viper Courier Bag

Booq mentions on its site that the Viper courier is made of a natural fiber fabric that is waterproof and organically dyed. I really like the material that it’s made of because it is rugged, yet smooth and elegant. The blend of the fabric and the hardness of the bag makes it perfect for carrying my laptop and tablet, especially because I’ve cracked the screen of a laptop using another bag that I own.

The shoulder strap is also great because it can easily be attached and detached. If you want to carry it, the shoulder strap easily slides into two metal hooks, though it can also be carried like a briefcase with handles hidden in the pockets.


Though I really like the material of the Booq Viper courier, I think that it was a little too bulky to carry at times. I’ve seen people walking around with competing bags that are a lot thinner but can still carry a reasonable amount of stuff. With that said, the Viper courier is still very handy at storing all of the things a person would need access to in a day.


It has pockets, zippers, and compartments on every side of the bag, and can not only store your devices for work, but leaves enough room for other things like magazines. I even tried putting in some clothes at one point, and I managed to fit two t-shirts alongside my Macbook and iPhone. There is no doubt that this bag is roomy, yet compact for all of the items that it can store. So yes, usability is pretty decent for a bag of this size.


Ultimately, the Booq Viper Courier is a great choice for a bag if you have to haul a lot of stuff to work every day. It offers a solution to carrying a laptop bag in addition to an iPad or iPhone case. Though I did find that the bag came in handy on days when I had a lot of items to carry, it didn’t come in handy when I had only my Mac for the day. In that situation, it felt too bulky for just a laptop bag.

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Booq Viper Courier laptop bag review

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Provides: Laptap and tablet storage, transportation and protection
Developer: Booq
Minimum Requirements: 13″ or 15″ MacBook
Price: $99.95 for 13″; $109.95 for 15″
Availability: Now

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