Apple’s iOS 7 could influence great designs in third party applications

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YouTube iOS app

It all started when Apple introduced iOS 7 during the company’s WWDC keynote in June. As soon as Tim Cook ran that iOS 7 video with Jony Ive describing the different features, I knew most of the third party apps in the App Store would be receiving some pretty awesome designs when iOS 7 was released to the public. Late Tuesday, the public got to see a little bit of what is in store for third party applications when Google released an update for its YouTube for iOS app.

The redesign features multitasking of some sort, with a PIP (picture in picture) feature that allows a user to search for more videos while playing another. It allows a user to minimize and if they want to close it, all they have to do is swipe. This feature reminded me a lot of the card style multitasking in iOS 7, as it is present in both the app switcher as well as in Safari. The design of the app also, strangely, reminds me of the Music app in iOS. It is now a lot more usable a lot “lighter” than previous versions. I can even see what the flat icon design would look like with future updates.

These are the design changes that will likely begin to appear in other third party apps, and I can’t wait till these updates begin to arrive. Though I don’t enjoy the new color scheme of iOS 7, I think the thin and light UI is something that works for both Apple’s mobile products and now third party apps.

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  • Lloyd Grace

    It cracks me up how the Phan Boiz are contorting themselves to convince everyone that iOS7 is good, that somehow it’s an advancement. IT SUCKS! It’s about 5 steps backwards. Ivy needs to stick to hardware design where he excels. My 4S is my last iPhone. S4 looks awful good right now.