AT&T to offer refurbished iPhone 3GS with GoPhone plans

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The iPhone 3GS

With Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C rumored to arrive in late September, it seems the world has already forgotten about some of the other iPhone models that were once available. Prior to the addition of the FaceTime camera and flash to the iPhone 4, Apple sold the iPhone 3GS as its main iPhone. Soon after the iPhone 4 and 4S came out, the 3GS became free with a two year contract on the AT&T network.

Though AT&T has picked up the newer models of iPhone, it seems the carrier is reluctant to give up the reliable iPhone 3GS. Instead, they are reportedly going to offer refurbished iPhone 3GS models to customers who sign up with an AT&T GoPhone plan. GoPhone is AT&T’s prepaid option for customers who are looking to get the iPhone without signing a multi-year contract. Customers who purchase the iPhone 3GS will not be able to receive iOS 7 when it is released later in the fall, and will not be able to take advantage of numerous other features that come standard on the newer models.

AT&T will be offering a refurbished iPhone 3GS for around $300, which is still pricey if you really look at it. With that pricetag, customers could purchase a refurbished iPhone 4 for about $50 more. Regardless, this is still great for Apple as it will be able to clear out stock of old iPhones and generate revenue from them, while releasing newer models year after year. I don’t think I would buy the iPhone 3GS if it required a two year contract, but since AT&T is offering it with it GoPhone plans, I would say this isn’t too bad of a deal.

Via [MacRumors]

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